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بازی آنلاین انگری بردز | angry birds new online game

بازی آنلاین انگری بردز | angry birds new online game 

 دوستان زیادی به ما گفتند که بازی آنلاین انگری بردز لود نمیشه ولی اشکال از بازی نیست اشکال از سرعت اینترنت است باید صبور باشید حال اگر مایلید بازی انگری بردز را در باند قرمز بازی کنید روی عکس انگری بردز پایین کلیک کنید.البته این سری اول است بعدا بازی های دیگر انگری بردز را بازی کنید.

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خوش آمدید

اعلامیه سایت و اخبار همین حالا در سایت عضو شوید تا بهترین ها به ایمیل شما رسد. شما از این به بعد شاهد عکس های خبری هم هستید. نظر یادتان نرود و در نظرسنجی شرکت کنید. ------------------ برای سفارش تبلیغات ایمیل بزنید ------------------

سفارش طراحی قالب اختصاصی وبلاگ

هر قالب حرفه ای اختصاصی فقط 15 هزار تومان  

ارتباط با طراح قالب برای وبلاگ و سایت:

و یا اگر آنلاین نیست کلیک کنید برای سفارش (( اینجا ))

ارسال آدرس جدید سایت و یکسری ایمیل های ...

تالار گفتمان باند قرمز

خرید و فروش ورودی گوگل

خرید و فروش ورودی گوگل برای وبلاگ ها و سایت ها

به گزارش باند قرمز مدیر سایت شروع به فروش روزی 4 هزار ورودی 40 هزار تومن ماهیانه کرده است کسی می خواهد به ایمیل زیر پیام دهد.

امتیاز 10  ---------------------------------------- ماهیانه 40 تومان

امتیاز 50  ---------------------------------------- ماهیانه 30 تومان

امتیاز 25  ---------------------------------------- ماهیانه 30 تومان

آخرین ارسالی های انجمن

Friedrich Adolf (king of Sweden) How destroyed

King Adolf Frederick of Sweden was the year 1751 to 1771. 20 years on the throne, he would lean over and in all this kingdom where he could eat so that everyone knew Adolf Frederick King's gobbler.

Frederick I of lobster and caviar dinner to sea cabbage, fish and various drinks, eats and abundant quantities is quite clear that this is too much food for a dinner. Of course this is only part of the food was king. After lunch he went to another room. Desire to make dessert.

In this room, which consists of 14 types of favorite desserts were all arranged. Frederick wants her to much to eat dessert. The King's gutty enough to eat. Until it finally died due to gastrointestinal problems in one night. Today in school history books are written in Swedish. "Adolf Frederick was king. Who died of bulimia."

Henry I (king of England) destroye

Henry I (king of England) destroye? Henry King of England was the first of the year 1100 to 1135. Henry King of England to be killed while hunting with his brother. I was not eating very artistic person. But one night at dinner turned into a famous eel, the eel is said that you were in such a way that sharks are king Ahz clung together in these animals were everywhere.

King of the eel eats so much that she is feeling good and ordered him to take his room. Physician over the king was present. He examined everything seemed normal in appearance. The doctor said that the king of bad eating. Tomorrow morning is certainly good. But Henry did not survive until morning, and while it suffered died.

How Alexander the Great destroyed

How Alexander the Great destroyed? Alexander the Great, with all that feeding and savagery in his career record, an incredibly died. Despite all thought he was finally killed in one of his war, but Alexander died from eating too much. Alexander had gone to a party one night, ate at the party so hard that she was still breathing.

  When he lost to a bad lie Breathlessness and nausea was found.

When the doctor came over to everyone Alexander said he had food poisoning caused by eating a lot. Although no one would not mind, but Alexander and died 10 days after overeating?